Green wall in Valencia (Spain)

445 m2 Green wall Babylon ® in the Estación de Telecomando y Estación Depuradora de la Avenida del Mediterrani i Doctor Lluch de Valencia, Spain.
Instaled by: Jardineria Villanueva, S.L.
Year: 2.010

 Green wall installed on Avenue Mediterrani and Doctor Lluch, at the premises of the station Telecomando and Treatment Station Valencia. It is a joint project of walls and green roofs driven by the city of Valencia, in order to help environment of Valencia. This helps in the case of green wall, reflected in ; 8ºC reducing the temperature inside a building in summer and keeps it in winter, reducing the " heat island " of large cities , increasing energy efficiency of buildings and effect in a year , filter 40 tons of harmful gases and heavy metals 15 kilograms 


green wall in Valencia Spain