Green roof in Girod (Riudellots de la Selva)

C2C®  system and ornamental meadow green roof.

Customer: Señales Girod

Year: 2011 

Design and installation: Vivers Ter, S.A
Year: april 2011

This Company were placed 2 roofs for landscaping; the first is a cover for system Complete C2C sedum and the second cover is an ornamental grass. The complete system C2C consist on; good waterproofing of the roof before anything, above a retaining blanket that absorbs moisture to improve waterproofing, and finally placed C2C trays, thanks to the different varieties planted , get different colours and thickness. As for ornamental grass it is, as in the C2C Complete system, a proper installation of the waterproofing of the roof and then directly pour 15 to 20 cm organic substrate and finally planting grasses and perennial plant.

Green roof in Girod Riudellots de la Selva