Living Wall


Babylon® Green Wall

pared vegetal

Babylon® is a living façade modular and flexible system of great beauty and impact which integrates lots of benefits in a new concept of urban landscape. The vertical gardens consist of draping walls and other surfaces achieving that the plants grow of ideal form without scarcely substratum.

The most important positive effect of this vertical greenery system is environmental, although aesthetics, social and economic benefits can be identified:

Vertical Garden in Holea Shopping Mall (Huelva-Spain)

pared vegetal Huelva

1200 mBabylon system living wall with Erygeron carvensianus, Ficus repens, Cymbalaria, Agapantus peterpan, Vinca minor, Soleloida, Rosmarinus prostatus and other varieties in Holea, Shopping Mall center in Huelva (Spain).

Architecture by B+R architects
The Vertical Garden was instaled by: Tierra Ingenieria
October 2013

Green Frontage for the public library in Girona (Spain)

Production, supply and execution of 227 m2 Babylon(R) living wall in Girona public library.

Design of the green frontage by Morán+Guerrico Arquitectos.
Installed by Vivers Ter. August 2013

Green living façade in Tarragona (Spain)

pared vegetal Tarragona

2500 m2 Babylon system green wall for an old industrial building rehab.

Installation: Vivers Ter, S.A.

Green wall in Costa Brava

pared vegetal empuriabrava

25 m2 Babylon Green Wall in Empuriabrava (Costa Brava-Girona-Spain)
installed by Vivers Itxart
april 2013

Green wall in St. Sadurní d'Anoia

Pared vegetal en St. Sadurní

Green wall Babylon mixted ®  in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
February 2.011

Plant wall with vines in Barcelona

pared vegetal en Barcelona con enredaderas

2.000 m2 Plant wall with vines  Babylon mixto ® Central d'Energies in Barcelona.
February 2.012

Vertical garden in Valencia (Spain)

pared vegetal interior Valencia

Vertical garden Babylon ® into the Skunkfunk shop, Centro Comercial Aqua de Valencia, Spain.
Designed by: Transforma.
Instaled by: Vivers Ter, S.A
December 2.011

Vertical garden in Maçanet de la Selva (Spain)

pared vegetal Girona

Vertical garden Babylon ® interior en Maçanet de la Selva, Girona.
Cliente: Señales Girod 
Design and installation: Vivers Ter, S.A
April 2.011

Vertical garden in Castellón (Spain)

pared vegetal castellon

80 m2 Babylon Green wall in Castelló de la Plana (Spain).
Installed by Jardineria Villanueva, S.L.
April 2011

Green Façade in Donosti (Spain)

muro vegetal San Sebastián

Green wall façade in San Telmo Museum in Donosti, Guipúzcoa, Spain.
March 2011

The green wall is covering the whole frontage with of creeping plants out of the steel envelope.

The project was designed in colaboration with Leopoldo Ferrán and Agustina Otero, architects and artists.

Vertical garden in Ourense (Spain)

pared vegetal Galicia

Vertical garden Babylon ® in Ourense, Galicia, Spain.
Designed by Carlos Cárcamo, Ourense Hall.
Year: 2.010

Green wall in Lleida (Spain)

pared vegetal Lleida

Babylon ® green wall in Lleida.
Design and installed by Vivers Ter
Desember 2010

Green wall for Radisson Hotel in Concón (Chile)

pared vegetal Chile

Babylon®  green living wall in Radisson Hotel, Concón, Chile.
Project by Mitzi Rojas Landscape designer.
Opening in november 2.011

Green wall in Vilabertran (Girona-Spain)

pared vegetal vilabertran

Green wall Babylon ® in Vilabertran, Girona.
Designed and instaled by: Vivers Ter, S.A

Year 2.010

Green Wall in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

pared vegetal Mallorca

50 m2 Pared vegetal Babylon i Palma de Mallorca.
Client: Iberostar
Design and installation: Isla Venrde

Green wall in Valencia (Spain)

pared vegetal Valencia

445 m2 Green wall Babylon ® in the Estación de Telecomando y Estación Depuradora de la Avenida del Mediterrani i Doctor Lluch de Valencia, Spain.
Instaled by: Jardineria Villanueva, S.L.
Year: 2.010