Green Roof


Green roof in Vivers Ter

Cubierta vegetal en Vivers Ter

Green roof in our office in Vivers Ter.

Bescanó, Girona (Spain)

Green roof in Donosti

Cubierta Vegetal con Sistema C2C en el Basque Culinary de Donosti

1.000 m2  C2C® green roof system in  Basque Culinary Building  in Donosti.

Designed by VAUMM architects
Customer: Aceroid
Installed by Vivers Ter
Year: June 2011 

Green roof in Girod (Riudellots de la Selva)

Cubierta vegetal en Riudellots de la Selva" title="Cubierta vegetal en Riudellots de la Selva

C2C®  system and ornamental meadow green roof.

Customer: Señales Girod

Year: 2011 

Design and installation: Vivers Ter, S.A
Year: april 2011

Sedum green roof in Catalan Pyrenees


Sedum green roof  in Catalan Pyrenees (Spain)

Private customer
Year 2004

Green roof with ornamental meadow in Barcelona

Cubierta vegetal con Prado ornamental en Barcelona

Ornamental meadow green roof in Barcelona.
Private customer
Year: 2009

Green roof in Begur

Cubierta vegetal en Begur

C2C® green roof system in Begur (Costa Brava-Girona-Spain)

Private customer
Year 2004

Green roof in Tortosa (Spain)

Cubierta vegetal en Tortosa

Production, supply and installation of 280 m2 green roof with sedums turf and Drenthe securing mesh in Tortosa (Spain).

Private customer

Year: 2009

Green roof in Galicia (Spain)

Cubierta vegetal con sedums en Galicia

Sedum plug supply for 100 m2 green roof in Galicia (Spain).

Year: 2004

Green roof in Costa Brava - Sta Cristina de Aro

Cubierta vegetal en Sta Cristina de Aro

Production, supply and execution for 1000 m2 C2C® green roof system  in Sta. Cristina de Aro (Costa Brava-Girona-Spain).

Customer: Aceroid

Year: 2009

Green roof for Mollet del Vallès's Hospital

Cubierta vegetal en Hospital de Mollet del Valles

930 m2 C2C green roof system in Mollet del Vallès's Hospital (Spain)

Designed by:  Corea Morán Arquitectos.