Green Roof


Green Roof in Banco Santander in Madrid

cubierta vegetal en banco Santander

Plant supplier para la Ciudad Financiera del Banco Santander en Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).
Paisajismo a cargo de: Luis Vallejo - Estudio de Paisajismo.
Año: 2004-2006

Ornamental meadow green roof in St. Feliu de Buixalleu

Cubierta vegetal en St. Feliu de Buixalleu

4.500 m2 ornamental meadow green rood in Laboratorios Ferrer Headquarters (St. Feliu de Buixalleu - Spain)
Customer: Ferrer Internacional S.A
Year: 2010

Green Roof for a Hotel in Cantallops

cubiertas vegetales Cantallops Hotel Can Xiquet

1.000 m2 Green Roof in Cantallops
Customer: Hotel Can Xiquet
Year: 2013-2014

Green roofs systems

Green roofs are known as living roofs, eco-roofs or vegetated roofs. Are with vegetation cultivated on purpose.

There are 2 main types of green roofs

.: intensive green roofs, with irrigation and substrate layers up to 40 cm, where even bushes and some trees wit little development can grow. Intensive green roofs are expensive and result impossible in most cases.

.: extensive green roofs, with a very thin substrate layer covered with succulent plants are defined as low maintenance, drought-tolerant, self-seeding vegetated roof covers.

Green roofs offer lots of environmental benefits:

-Drecreased surface runoff

-Decreased heating and cooling building demands

-Increased localbiodiversity

-Improve local air quality

-Mitigates the Urban Heat Island effect


C2C Green Roof system

Bandeja C2C cubierta

C2C is an extensive green roof based on pre-cultivated vegetation to ensure the maximum instant impact when installed either on flat or slightly sloping surfaces (up to 30%).

It is conformed by flexible and modular self 54 cm wide. The draingin element is out of non-toxic regerated plastic (PP) and 54x54x9 cm sized.

The perforated module base drains the excessive water straight to the felt below which keeps the water humidity.

The substrate filled modules are planted with 100 g/m² of Sedum spp. and Mesembryanthemum cooperi cuttings, which are covered with a layer of round gravel (Ø 20-25) for rooting. Finally, the module is cultivated for 6 – 12 months, in accordance with the vegetative season.

The module fit with another on all the sides getting a full coated covered surface. The round edge gravel solves the roof perimeter.  Once everything is installed we get an insant impact since the modules are tailored made with pre-cultivated vegetation in our nursery-


COMPLETA™ system vegetated roof offers an extensive range of environmental, aesthetics, technic and economic benefits:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Limited Costs
  • Absence of weed
  • Very Light System ( 60 kg/m² water saturation)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easily removable afer the installation for a possible roof inspection.
  • Decrease heating and cooling demands for the building
  • Increase local biodiversity
  • Improve local air quality
  • Mitigation of the Urban Heat Island effect.
  • Decrase surface water runoff. Rainwater harvesting.
  • Easily to combine with an accessible path.
  • C2C green roof system is Cradle to Cradle® certified = LEED® credits

Technical features and materials


Raw materials

Synthetic textile fibres. Polyester (PE) and polypropylene (PP) 40%


Screens produced by carding, needle punching and themobindig


1100 g/m²





Non-tossic regenerated Polypropylene (PP)


cm 54 x 54 x 9


2000 kg/m²


1144 cm²/m²

Weight per m²

4 kg/m²

Colour of the
plastic support



Bandeja C2C cubierta


Ornamental meadow. Biodiversity green roof

Extensive green roof system for adecquate load-bearing capacity. It includes an ornamental medow as a type of eco-roof system. With the pre-vegetated carpets we get an instant impact when installed.

The system is designed to allow habitat for all wildlife. Is composed by a drain, a 15 cm thick substrate layer with a topography to allow bushes, logs and required nests types as a wildlife shelter. The Biodiversity Roof is planted with grasses and perennial wildflowers, melliferous plants and butterflies attractors, with berry plants and birds shelter.  Blooming during 3 seasons and ears in winter the roof is changing textures, colors, life and movement.  Few water, maintenance and fertelizer is required.