Babylon® Green Wall

Babylon® is a living façade modular and flexible system of great beauty and impact which integrates lots of benefits in a new concept of urban landscape. The vertical gardens consist of draping walls and other surfaces achieving that the plants grow of ideal form without scarcely substratum.

The most important positive effect of this vertical greenery system is environmental, although aesthetics, social and economic benefits can be identified:

            -Improve air quality & reduce airborne particulates

            -Health and wellness

            -Energy savings

            - Improve thermal performance working as a building protection


            -Sustaining biodiversity


            -The Babylon System® is CradletoCradle® certified = LEED® credits

            -Property value

An outdoor green wall is a good solution for cities where the big parks and gardens are not viable for lack of space. The greenery multiply the vegetal area of the urban space, contributing to the decontamination because they abosrb CO2. It is also workable for indoors creating a welcoming environment in the space installed.

This system allows us to do different green or natural compositions and to adjust according to the climatic requirements of the vegetable species that have to be in use, integrating nature, design and the needs of our customer, is tailored to the specific climate and structural requirement of each project. In arid areas also they are advisable, since the water of traffic in the wall is fewer evaporable that in horizontal gardens.

Technical info

Babylon is a modular panel system which allows a smooth operation with low or zero maintenance that ensures maximum longevity. The panels out of wire mesh gabions + polypropilene bag + substratum are pieces 50 x 100 cm and 14 cm thick substrator or hidroponic. The system is self irrigated and installed pregowth to ensure the maxium instant impact.

dimensions of the structure


diameter of the wire

4,5 mm

grid of the mesh

10 x 10 cm

resistance to traction mesh

4,5 mm : 450 N/mm2, minimum

resistance to traction closes and jackstays

600 N/nm2, minimum


350 gr/m2, minimum

resistance to corrosion

1000 hours according to test DIN 500021 SS


These vertical walls suppose a work of minimal maintenance that diminishes to a periodic review of the facilities and to the eventual prunings of the plants. The Babylon ® system is designed to achieve maximim safety aainst irrigtion facilities failure. The substrate 14 cm thick, works as a water retainer to ensure the life plant for 15 days.

Treatment and reuse of greywater

The system allows the treatment and reuse of greywater.
In urban areas, the generation of domestic wastewater and the need for watering gardens and green areas occur in the same environment. Vivers Ter with Asepma ( has developed and patented a new technology with proven gray water treatment by biofiltration using the architectural element of the vegetable walls.

Green Wall Babylon ®  (Patent: U.S. 2008 01210) offers the possibility of regeneration greywater from shower and sink through the purification system in vertical gardening for different uses

Vivers Ter offers two types of Babylon® Green wall suitable for any space:

-Babylon® completa, water needs in summer time in Spain : 10 l/m2/day

-Babylon® Mixta, water needs in summer time in Spain: 5 l/m2/day